For many people, purchasing custom-fitted orthotics or compression stockings for the first time can be intimidating since there are a lot of different factors to consider. That is where Dianne Muzzy, the owner and operator of New Life for Legs, can help. She is a certified Fitter of Compression Stockings by Sigvaris Corp. and is certified by The Orthotic Group (TOG) to provide custom-fitted orthotics. Dianne is always ready and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her customers get high-quality products that suit their unique needs.

Contrary to popular belief and common stereotypes, compression therapy and orthotics are not just for the elderly. Custom orthotics and compression stockings can be worn by a person of any gender within any age group, and they come in a variety of styles to achieve the best therapeutic outcome and meet a variety of lifestyle needs. Whether you lead a constantly active lifestyle, are always on your feet at work, or even if you have a mostly sedentary lifestyle, compression therapy and orthotics can help to alleviate the pain in your legs and feet, as well as reduce the look of varicose veins caused by poor circulation.

Dianne Muzzy guides her clients every step of the way by first explaining the condition and symptoms of venous insufficiency and then working towards an appropriate solution with them. All of her potential clients who require fitted stocking must first be referred by their physicians because she is not a medical expert and wants to guarantee that she can assist her clients to the best of her ability. The more information she can acquire about her clients’ general lifestyles and medical histories, the more accurately she can assess their situations and have the right products selected for them.

Dianne takes great pride in getting to know each of her clients on a one-on-one basis, and she always makes the effort to meet them in person in order to properly gauge their preferences and needs. If clients are physically unable to come into her office, Dianne will travel to their homes (within reason) and provide samples of her products. She examines her clients’ legs and feet thoroughly and then takes the appropriate measurements, either for orthotics or compression stockings, to make sure they are completely satisfied and that all of their questions are answered.

Dianne works with St. Elizabeth Healthcare and the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and personally measures people for orthotics and compression stockings as need be. She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and works closely with local nurse practitioners, as well as various doctors and medical professionals within the community. Dianne routinely provides her expertise to different industries, such as long-term care residences and retirement homes, to educate people about common health and safety concerns.

Since her work requires consistency and precision, Dianne does not offer online ordering based on size charts. Every person is unique and so are their physical features. People need compression therapy and orthotics for different reasons as venous deficiency can manifest itself differently from one person to another.

Dianne painstakingly measures her clients based on shoe size, height, and weight as these are all mitigating factors that contribute to leg issues. If necessary, Dianne will even contact her clients’ physicians directly in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific conditions and adapt her services accordingly.

Dianne has been working within the medical industry for nearly 20 years, and through her experience, she has formed strong and lasting working relationships with a variety of healthcare professionals. Therefore, she knows how to navigate the healthcare system in order to efficiently help her clients get the physical relief they need and desire.